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"If the actors do not decide to trust their bodies to find the dramatic strength of what they are acting,
they will be condemned to do literature in a costume."
Ariane Mnouchkine

Le corps poétique n°1
"Get the people used to guessing the whole, while you give them only a part of it.
Make them guess. And make them desire."
Robert Bresson

Le corps poétique n°3

"The two first minutes are a threshold... the difficulty is to cross the treshold."
Klaus Michaël Grüber

Le corps poétique n°10

"Starting again from scratch, observing, experimenting, trying, creating..."
Johann Le Guillerm

Le corps poétique n°22

"Every stage director problem is as good as wondering:
how do we go on stage, and how do we leave it?"
Antoine Vitez

Le corps poétique n°2

"A rehearsal always comes back to humanity,
even if it is paroxysmal, failed, laborious."
Georges Lavaudant

Le corps poétique n°4

"What remains thrilling, is when the unheard of arises."
Claude Régy

Le corps poétique n°24

Cortege and procession:
one sings, the other does not.

Le corps poétique n°20

"The stage remains the promontory from which we look for our house, in vain."
Jean Lambert-Wild

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