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L'Origine du Monde

The World's Origin

"In Finland, it's always night-time in the winter, so we are sad. So we drink.
But in the summer, it's always day-time, so we are happy. So we drink."

Aki Kaurismäki


Stage direction, scenography and musical direction

Loïc Pierre

Direction assistants

Mathieu Bolcato and Félix Benati

Stage direction assistant

Hélène Gendek

French adaptations

Pierre Gief

1h15 minutes without an interval

36 singers

1 musical director


Distribution contact

Magali Cardeilhac

Choeur Mikrokosmos
31, avenue Henri Brisson 18100 Vierzon

+ 33 (0)6 73 42 16 57

+ 33 (0)2 36 55 28 54


Dawn and dusk, births, sicknesses, deaths, interrupted works in the fields, wars, celebrations for the living and the dead, proud poverty, games and laughters, tough and simple life, pride of the pauper, of the destitute, of the day labourer.

There was an out of fashion time where the universe was gathering at the focal point of an estaminet. A café overflowing with humanity where you would chat, and expose their four truths to the owner, to the priest and to the bourgeois. The peasant grew there, as knotted as a grapevine, to clean the crud off his burdensome life, with a comfited face and a merry heart, at last. You would badmouth about everything and nothing: about Marie and Lucien, about the teasing one, about the dead or alive one, or about this elder we called old man, about the old man we called what, again?

Tipsy processions and dances, balls and open-air cafés, accordion waltzes, frills under skirts, lullabies blued with wounds, newlyweds before the birds, out-of-doors life and brutal death: cupbearer of the proletarian times, a thousand songs from a popular time.

Bruno Régnier (1958)
Les Gueux * (2020)


Veljo Tormis (1930-2017)

Kaksipühendus (1983)
Meredith Monk (1942)
Churchyard entertainment (1990)

Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (1963)
O Magnum mysterium (1998)
Veljo Tormis (1930-2017)
Lõpe, lõpe, põllukene / L’aube est levée
Lähme uuele eele! / Le repos de midi
Lõikuse, lõpetus / Moissons
Kukku ja kukku / 1,2,3 j’irais au bois
Veimevaka jagamine / les fileuses 
Mis teil tehaske / Carnet de bal
Oh, ma vanne poisike / Ah Pauvre de moi! 
Lauliku lapspoli / Berceuse bleue
Kuulmata kuskil kumiseb kodu / Murmures silencieux

Meredith Monk (1942)
Plague (1988)


Gjermund Larsen (1982)
Halling frå senja

Meredith Monk (1942)
Jewish storyteller (1998)
Bo Holten (1948)
Eros* (1994)

Bruno Régnier (1958)
Valse vive* (2019)

Henning Sommerro (1952) / Grete Pedersen (1962)

* Mikrokosmos requests


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