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L'Homme qui Marche

2022 creation

The Man who Walks


"There he is, within the dim crowd, him, the man who has the power
to draw among others a few buckets of sky and divinity: dance."

Ismaël Kadaré

Photo: Anna Van Kooij


Stage direction, scenography and musical direction

Loïc Pierre


Jean-Marc Larché

1h 10 minutes without an interval

32 singers

1 saxophonist

1 musical director


Distribution contact

Magali Cardeilhac

Choeur Mikrokosmos
31, avenue Henri Brisson 18100 Vierzon

+ 33 (0)6 73 42 16 57

+ 33 (0)2 36 55 28 54


Designed as a painter's palette, Mikrokosmos's identity has always been searching for new pigments to enhance its polychromy. By inviting an instrumental soloist, the choir attempts to domesticate a new voice, a blended colouring to mix, a powerful nature to tame.

The Mikrokosmos choral arts' laboratory continues its research, flirting with concerto history as well as improvisation. Pascal Gallois's bassoon, Geneviève Laurenceau's, Elisabeth Glab's and Eva Zavaro's violins, Michel Portal's clarinet or Cécile Daroux's flute have already come to play with the troup.

Today, the saxophonist Jean-Marc Larché offers his dense and dancing universe to Mikrokosmos; a rare planet divided between bewitching curls from jazz music, harmonic medidations borrowed from the great history of music and from the noise universes and alternative movements. Many possibilities at the service of an a capella choral repertoire inspiring by its exuberance.

Jean-Marc Larché - saxophone

Trained at the Besançon Conservatoire in France, Jean-Marc Larché perfected his playing at the Paris CNSMD, where he received the saxophone First Price with a unanimous jury verdict. Alongside his classical studies, he discovered jazz and improvisation; a double culture which will guide and nourish his instrumental approach and his aesthetics' research.

Connected with many musicians (François Couturier, Yves Rousseau, Martial Solal, Anouar Brahem, Régis Huby...) he performed all around the world, multiplying the experiences within small, medium and big orchestral formations. He currently plays in a duo with the bass player Yves Rousseau (Duo Continuum), and is a member of ensembles such as François Couturier's Tarkovsky Quartet or Régis Huby's The Ellips. He recorded numerous discographic references, especially under the ECM label.


François Branciard (1979)
Edifice (2021) *

Brandon Waddles (1979)
Wait Till I Get on My Robe (2016)

Bjørn Andor Drage (1959)
En smuk aftensang (1990)
Torbjørn Dyrud (1974)

Laughing Song (2011)

Yves Rousseau (1961) Louise Labé (1524-1566)
Je vis, je meurs (2016)
wood block, Charlotte Lesage


Meredith Monk (1942)

Jewish storyteller (1998)


Jean-Marc Larché (1961)



Thierry Machuel (1962)

...vivants nous sommes... (2004)


Veljo Tormis (1930-2017)

3 harvest songs


Eric Banks (1969)

Cul sec ! (2020)


Bjørn Andor Drage (1959)

Chanson du soir


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